12. — 18.08. ’18

international summer school of design dessau
van bo le-mentzel

schaubau is an international summer school which takes place once a year in the heart of Dessau – the city of the Bauhaus. A design camp, which is targeted at all creative students, craftsmen and -women, creators of value of all designing disciplines like design, architecture and art.

One week long the schaubau summer school addresses oneself with creativity and hands-on-mentaltity to a real task on the spot, which shall be explored, treated and implemented by 15 participants from different fields.

A framework programme supplies a chequered productive and sunny summer week in Dessau.


designers in residence

The target is to design a workspace for future designers-in-residence-programmes with an additional haven to rest (or sleep) which also can be understood as „tiny hostel“. The participants of the 1st schaubau are not only pioneers because they are the the 1st schaubauers ever, but becauce they are building the basis for all the participants of future summer schools. As well the task shall be developed holistically. Concepts for space and furniture shall be designed and implemented and also user scenarios and all graphic design. For that reason a pool of material as well as the schaubau support staff accompanies the participants.


van bo le-mentzel

In 2010 the young and unemployed architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel passed a weekend workshop for carpenters at Berlin’s community college. This hands-on-experience inspired him to design his own furniture collection. His projects like Hartz-IV-Möbel, 100-Euro-Wohnung or Tiny Houses stand under the motto of „construction instead of consumption”. Like this Van Bo Le-Mentzel wants to motivate people with low income but a sense for style to take action.



BÜROHALLO are Claudia Trautmann and Alexander Lech. We are working as Communication Designers in Dessau (Saxony-Anhalt). We consciously decided to stay in Dessau after our studies – against the trend to migrate to the nearby agglomeration areas Leipzig or Berlin. The partly precariously conditions in Dessau we see as a chance to change s.th. – especially as designers. From here we attempt to encroach on cities with the means of Communication Design. To uncover potentials which are not yet visible.

vorort e.v.

The idea of the VorOrt-Haus is that newcomers, people from Dessau and tourists shall meet at and in the house for cultural and creative exchange. In the house you are prospectively working collaboratively with others on projects, you try out self-employment and follow with passion a craftsmanship or activity. A place for experiment and discussion about how we want to live and work in the future – with transregional significance.



Dessau comes third in Europe regarding the number of inhabitants at the age of more than 65. For that reason it is a city of the future where you already today can experience what other cities still approach. Overaging, exodus of the young people and the educated class, a lot of abandoned properties and the resulting dormant city life. With the schaubau summer school VorOrt and BUEROHALLO want to bring more liveliness into the city.

shelter and programm

creative holidays

The accomodations are only a few walking minutes distance from the VortOrt-Haus and the city center. It is about vacant dwelling houses of the Dessau housing company (DWG) from the fifties. Breakfast and lunch are included in the ticket price. During the workshop week we’ll explore the city with bikes, visit the Bauhaus, enjoy the nature and go for a swim at a nearby bathing lake. Don’t miss your swimsuit!


All tickets include accommodation, breakfast and lunch

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