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international summer school of design dessau
bitmob goes bauhaus – Alexander Branczyk

schaubau is an international summer school which takes place in the heart of Dessau – the city of the Bauhaus. A design camp, which is targeted at all creative students, pupils, craftsmen and -women and creators of value of all designing disciplines like design, architecture, fashion and art.

This year the schaubau summer school is dedicated to a typographic, technically and fashionable approach to the 100th years anniversary of the Bauhaus.

A framework programme supplies a chequered and productive summer week with balmy nights in Dessau.


bitmob goes bauhaus

The design of signs / typography for your own jacket in combination with electronic handicrafts and programming is the main part of the workshop week. At night the bitmob with their LED coats spread out into the city and for example: with bulb exposure the holographic messages become visible at the first tram in the early morning. For the workshop you’ll need a jacket and your laptop.

workshop leader

alexander branczyk

Alexander Branczyk is a German gaphic designer. 1988 – 1994 he started his career at the design office of Erik Spiekermann. His own offices (xplicit Berlin and Frankfurt/M) celebrated the 25th birthday this year. He was art director of the legendary Frontpage music magazine and designed the Berlin LoveParade and other „Techno-Dinos“(czyk). As typedesigner he created numerous corporate designs and campaign fonts – who has ever taken a flight from Berlin’s new Airport BER surely has recognized his typeface of the wayfinding system. So no one. He was professor at Bauhaus-University in Weimar, at University of Applied Arts in Dortmund and the Chinese-German Academy of Art in Hangzhou. At the moment he loves to conduct workshops in places far away like United Arab Emirates, Mongolia, India or Dessau.


on site in Dessau

In 2019 schaubau is a cooperation project of BÜROHALLO, VorOrt e.V. and Anhalt University Department of Design. 


BÜROHALLO is an association of self-employed communication designers in Dessau, who consciously decided to stay in Dessau after their studies at Anhalt University. The partly precariously conditions in Dessau are a chance to change something as a designer. 


Change is also the goal of the VorOrt e.V., who’s founding members were amongst others the designers of BÜROHALLO. VorOrt e.V. has made it it’s task to recover the listed and for a long time vacant VorOrt-Haus as a cultural and creative centre of Dessau. The recovery started in 2012 by a project of students of Anhalt University Department of Design. The VorOrt e.V. was founded from the student initiative in 2014.



Dessau comes third in Europe regarding the number of inhabitants at the age of more than 65. For that reason it is a city of the future where you already today can experience what other cities still approach. Overaging, exodus of the young people and the educated class, a lot of abandoned properties and the resulting dormant city life. With the schaubau summer school VorOrt and BUEROHALLO want to bring more liveliness into the city.

shelter and programm

creative holidays

The accomodations are only a few walking minutes distance from the VortOrt-Haus and the city center. It is about dwelling houses of a Dessau housing company. Breakfast and lunch are included in the ticket price. During the workshop week we’ll explore the city with bikes, visit the Bauhaus, enjoy the nature and go for a swim at a nearby bathing lake. Don’t miss your swimsuit!


schaubau 2018

It was a central element of „Ideenküche – Labor für Gemeinschaft“ which is start-up financed by Kulturstiftung des Bundes, to establish a summer school in Dessau. 2018 the first „schaubau international summer school of design dessau“ took place. The focus were the premises of the VorOrt-house. Together with Van Bo Le-Mentzel we questioned: „How can we show, how attractive living and working could be in a medium sized city?“. The answer was a three-level living-shelf. A framework programme supplied a chequered and sunny summer week.



All tickets include accommodation, breakfast and lunch

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