14. — 20.08.’22
international summer school of design dessau
something like this comes from something like that

„schaubau“ is an international summerschool that has been taking place in the heart of the Bauhaus city of Dessau once a year since 2018. A Design- Camp that is adressed to creative students, pupils, craftsmen and value creators from all design disciplines, including design, architecture, fashion and art.

something like this comes from somthing like that

What is our social role as designers? What worldview are we helping to shape? For whom do we design? Are we designers on the side of the future? Do we want to live the way we design? Or was it all just a job in the end? Are you still thinking or are you already moving? In this year‘s Summer School, we‘re looking for your answers and perspectives, crafting messages for the future and challenging ideas for a new tomorrow. And of course pancake! We will print your artworks as posters on the Risoprinter environmentally friendly and present them in the urban space. 

Design Holidays

In addition to designing and creating, a culturally program ensures a varied, sunny workshop week. So don‘t forget your swimming gear. 

Inexpensive accommodation is available within a five to ten minute walk from the BüroHallo at Pension Siewert or Pension Nord in Dessau-Nord. Also not far from the BüroHallo, there is the possibility to stay overnight in the historic Bauhaus building.

The event will take place mostly outdoors and in the spacious rooms of the BüroHallo, so that hygiene rules can be safely observed at all times. Please do not forget your mouth protection. (No condition)

Design City

Dessau ranks 3rd in Europe in terms of the number of residents over the age of 65. This makes it a city of the future, where you can already experience today what other cities are still to do. Aging, emigration of young people and the educated class, a lot of vacancies and the resulting inactive city life. The "schaubau summer school" is a contribution to bring more liveliness to the city.

BÜROHALLO, Drucken3000 and Projektschmiede Dessau e.V.

BÜROHALLO from Dessau and Drucken3000 from Berlin, together with Projektschmiede Dessau e.V., are organizing the »schaubau summer school« for the third time this year. 

BÜROHALLO, thatʼs Alexander Lech, communication designer and design office founder with roots in Anhalt. 

50 percent of Drucken3000 is Alexander Branczyk, graphic design techno-dinosaur who fell in love with Dessau so much as a workshop leader at the 2019 »schaubau« that he has supported the Summer School on principle ever since.

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schaubau is an international summerschool which takes place once a year in the heart of Dessau – the city of the Bauhaus